Rex Mundi
 Digital Underground with Tinfoil Hats 
Why Minimalism?

The simple answer is that after a lifetime of chasing after the “American Dream” I am not happy. I have lots of stuff that was supposed to make me happy and lots of bills to take away any prospect of having any real fun. Please don’t get me wrong, I have had a good life. I have all the usual paraphernalia that goes along with a good life but I am a slave to a lifestyle. I started chasing after all of this stuff believing that wealthy people had all of this stuff and I desperately wanted to at least be viewed as having money, class, and style. Of course, this notion is totally wrong but by the time I had figured that out my life had been trapped into a cycle which is difficult to break. I work like a dog to buy things that make me appear like I have it all together but when push comes to shove I don’t have the money to act like I am anything.

But that was yesterday. Today I would rather have nothing and live life to the fullest than to have everything under the sun and die of a heart attack watching TV and my Facebook feed update.