Rex Mundi
 Digital Underground with Tinfoil Hats 
Yesterday's #ccmusic find was the debut album of Israeli artist Dorine Levy. Upon finding this album it played continually in the ogg player for the better part of the day. Her vocals are rich and full and reminds me of the singer of Hungry Lucy. Ms Levy shows some real vocal talent. Her songwriting skills are better than the average in this realm. Her sound is called "Indiepop" and "electronica." I am not sure what that is exactly but I found it enjoyable to listen to.

Ms Levy's album will go into the archive and receive a regular listen but, sad to say, she has a sound the proliferates the CC-music scene. I think she has the talent to carry things a step or two further and I hope she does. This is a very good album and showcases her talents well. I hope to hear more from her in the future.

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