Rex Mundi
 Digital Underground with Tinfoil Hats 
Ok as I am semi-officially unemployed and I am tired of looking at job descriptions, today will be devoted to #TheDeadZone. Hopefully, I can get a draft novella pounded out in a day or two and let y'all see it before I get it all edited, fancified, and posted for sale. Sometimes I like my drafts better than my edited stuff though I can see where they are a bit rambling and tedious. #storynotes
giac hellvecio
to stave off depression by following dreams...It is a good therapy, meantime I'm going to pick up the guitar and dream a little ;-)
Beni Grind
@Rex Mundi What did you work as in this company? (If you don't mind me aksing - don't feel you have to answer.)
Rex Mundi
I am a cabinetmaker by training and trade.