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KlausKlaus wrote the following post Sun, 21 Jan 2018 13:42:44 -0800
understanding is how you use information to change your knowledge
Henning Beck | Neuro Science Entertainment
I am a neuroscientist:
Until 2008 I studied biochemistry at the University of Tübingen and got in touch with neuroscientific topics during my diploma thesis (equivalent to a master thesis). Supported by a PhD scholarship granted by the Hertie Foundation I started my doctoral thesis at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research in Tübingen. I finished my research project at the Institute for Physiological Chemistry at the University of Ulm and did my PhD in neuroscience in 2012 at the Graduate School of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience. Additionally, I acquired an international diploma in project management at the University of California, Berkeley and worked for small companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Meanwhile, I live and work in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Henning Beck wrote:
It is lame, it is lousy, and it is selfish, and it still works.

What is a Thought? How the Brain Creates New Ideas | Henning Beck | TEDxHHL
by TEDx Talks on YouTube
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Alimentazione e quello che sta intornoAlimentazione e quello che sta intorno wrote the following post Mon, 22 Jan 2018 02:43:51 -0800
(Comunicato Stampa, 2017)

Screenshot dal comunicato stampa

Edit: typo
Associazione Italiana Medici per l’Ambiente
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Alexandre Hannud AbdoAlexandre Hannud Abdo wrote the following post Sun, 21 Jan 2018 08:55:49 -0800
All colors welcome (to my mouth)
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Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) wrote the following post Mon, 22 Jan 2018 03:38:15 -0800
@Adam Robertson I do not really understand what Adjustment Layers in PS is, seems to be a transparent layer on top of a stack of layers or a layer group of some kind? Care to explain?

Adjustment Layers are layers that can be used to edit the appearance of all layers stacked below, without actually editing those layers, meaning an Adjustment Layer can be removed at any point and the layers below will appear as before.

Faking GIMP Adjustment Layers may be for you? :-)


For those who do not know GIMP 2.8's layer and text options, here are some pointers. :-)

Undo/redo ala GIMP is described in


GIMP 2.8 has quite a few options for layers


and some for Text too, but I do not know if it meets your requirements. :-)

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Rafa PoverelloRafa Poverello wrote the following post Sat, 20 Jan 2018 23:55:09 -0800
Buenos días, peña :-)
¿Esto se puede entender como seguridad en el trabajo o.O?

Foto de Joe McNally
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James D MorganJames D Morgan wrote the following post Sat, 20 Jan 2018 11:12:50 -0800
And for giggles here is the station:


And here is my of rig:


Please disregard the mess. I am in the throes of rebuilding The Manhut.
Camron Bickford
Jealous here.
Looks like a can of chew behind your phone. :)
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Manuel (con la inmensa minoría...)Manuel (con la inmensa minoría...) wrote the following post Fri, 19 Jan 2018 22:48:00 -0800
Montserrat Roig:  "Sobre la necessitat de la poesia” (CAT/ES)

“[…] Encara que no ens hem d’enganyar: també entre els poetes hi ha vanitat, comerç, tripijocs. Hi ha poetes que tenen la mà dreta de yuppy i l’esquerra d’outsider. Els poetes poden ser tan innobles com els banquers…, però la diferència és que l’obra d’aquells vola sola, i el benefici que n’extreuen  és la comunicació amb un lector assedegat. La poesia, la bona poesia, ens recorda la complexitat de la nostra condició d’humans, i, també, ens retorna als orígens, a l’harmonia perduda, a tot allò que, de dia, no ens atrevim a confessar en veu alta. I, també, la bona poesia és memòria. Així, el poeta extreu sense compassió del rerafons de la nostra consciència tot allò que no participa de la comèdia quotidiana. Del món de les aparences”.

“Perquè, encara que el poeta fingeixi les emocions, la poesia no traeix mai. D’aquesta manera, esdevé una companya útil, eficaç i segura, tant en els moments de dolor com en els moments d’alegria. Per això els condemnats a mort de la presó soviètica de Lefortovo guixaven a les parets de les cel·les els versos d’Ossip Mandelstam, desaparegut en un camp estalinià. Com, també, la poesia acompanya les estranyes passions dels enamorats quan viuen l’alegria sebne raó de l’amor. Allò que sentim i no entenem, els versos ens ho expliquen millor”.

Montserrat Roig, "Sobre la necessitat de la poesia”, Serra d'Or, núm. 356 (Setembre 1989), p. 38-39

"[...] Aunque no hay que engañarse: también entre los poetas hay vanidad, negocio, chanchullos. Hay poetas que tienen la mano derecha de yuppy y la izquierda de outsider. Los poetas pueden ser tan innobles como los banqueros ..., pero la diferencia es que la obra de aquellos vuela sola, y el beneficio que extraen es la comunicación con un lector sediento. La poesía, la buena poesía, nos recuerda la complejidad de nuestra condición de humanos, y, también, nos devuelve a los orígenes, a la armonía perdida, a todo aquello que, de día, no nos atrevemos a confesar en voz alta . Y, también, la buena poesía es memoria. Así, el poeta extrae sin compasión del trasfondo de nuestra conciencia todo lo que no participa de la comedia cotidiana. Del mundo de las apariencias ".

"Porque, aunque el poeta finja las emociones, la poesía no traiciona nunca. De este modo, se convierte en una compañera útil, eficaz y segura, tanto en los momentos de dolor como en los momentos de alegría. Por eso los condenados a muerte de la prisión soviética de Lefortovo escribieron con yeso en las paredes de las celdas los versos de Ossip Mandelstam, desaparecido en un campo estalinista. Como, también, la poesía acompaña las extrañas pasiones de los enamorados cuando viven la alegría sin razón del amor. Lo que sentimos y no entendemos, los versos nos lo explican mejor ".

"Montserrat Roig "Sobre la necesidad de la poesía”, Serra d'Or, núm. 356 (Setembre 1989), p. 38-39
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Maria KarlsenMaria Karlsen wrote the following post Sat, 20 Jan 2018 01:52:48 -0800
Hon get inga svar, men intressanta tankar och frågeställningar:
She doesn't provide any answers, but interesting thoughts and questions:

IQ och kunskapssamhälle – hänger det ihop? - Vetenskapsradion


Varför har intelligenskvoten i Norden sjunkit de senaste decennierna? Vetenskapsradions Ulrika Björkstén undrar hur vi ska kunna ta reda på svaret.

English translation:

Why has the intelligence ratio in the Nordic countries fallen in recent decades? Ulrika Björkstén from the Science Radio wondered how to find the answer.

Between Chrismas and New Year came news that got surprisingly little spread, namely that the average intelligence ratio has fallen in the Nordic region in recent decades. At least the one that is measured with standard IQ tests.

I do not claim that this is necessarily important news. What IQ tests really say and how to best measure different types of intelligence really is not a simple question that can be dealt with in a few lines.

But it is interesting because these latest results indicate a whole new development. During almost the whole 20th century, the trend has otherwise been the opposite. The intelligence ratio has risen by as much as three IQ units per decade in most of the world.

The explanation for this trend has been that an increasingly complex society and education for all have trained our brains so that they are better at solving the kind of problems that IQ tests measure.

But from 1995 onwards, something seems to have happened, at least in our part of the world.

The trend looks about the same for all the Nordic countries. In Norway and Finland, where the clearest figures are available, it is a drop corresponding to approximately two IQ units per decade since the mid-1990s.

For Sweden, it is in the same direction, even if figures are taken for the last few years.

What is it in society that has led to this change? The Nordic countries are often in the forefront of development when new trends penetrate the world. We belong, for example, to those who initially embraced the IT revolution.

Could it be that the intelligence ratio drops because we spend less on the head calculation and to read long texts? Does something happen with our brain's ability to focus when we are split by constant input from social media and unplanned online surfing? Are we inside more and less out in the reality where our brains can be challenged by unexpected problems to solve? And if so, do any of these things matter?

I nevertheless come to think about this study when I now finally read Yuval Harari's recounted book of human history, Sapiens, which came a couple of years ago.

He writes about the cognitive revolution that took place 70,000 years ago, and how it gave rise to the ability that he basically means is what separates us from other animals. That we can tell stories, thus creating complex beliefs about our world and our place in it, and share these beliefs with others.

It was this ability that made it possible to create a culture, and a society, and to cooperate with more people than the nearest little flock.

He also writes that after the agrar revolution there was no evolutionary pressure towards more intelligence, perhaps rather the opposite. The hunter and the collector needed to tighten the minds in every way to cope, but the farmer needed fewer, writes Harari.

IQ measures specific abilities. A special type of problem solving that can be linked to modern society in many ways. So the comparison with ancient hunters and collectors may be long-term.

But it is interesting to note that the IQ values ​​rose during industrialism, the period when we left the agricultural community and became urban residents. And that they now during the post-industrialism, in the so-called "knowledge society", seems to sink.

How the research question is to be formed that can give us the answers to what this means, I do not know. But maybe it's time to start pondering?

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Alimentazione e quello che sta intornoAlimentazione e quello che sta intorno wrote the following post Sat, 20 Jan 2018 04:13:48 -0800
@The passed pawn Inn+


80th Tata Steel Chess Tournament, Round 7
by Tata Steel Chess on YouTube

Live broadcast of the 80th Tata Steel Chess Tournament with commentary by Yasser Seirawan, Robin van Kampen Eric Hansen, Jan Smeets, Ivan Sokolov, Sipke Ernst, Stefan Kuipers, Fiona Steil-Antoni and Tex de Wit.

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cercer wrote the following post Fri, 19 Jan 2018 01:31:27 -0800
We survived the hardware upgrade!
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James D MorganJames D Morgan wrote the following post Thu, 18 Jan 2018 19:10:52 -0800
Edgar Degas --- Waiting
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Remember Cheech and Chong?Remember Cheech and Chong? wrote the following post Thu, 18 Jan 2018 21:40:10 -0800
some people have written that TV being introduced into cities caused their crime rates to rise http://freakonomics.com/book/superfreakonomics/
Great post,thanks
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Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 20:15:14 -0800
!Hubzilla Support Forum A reminder that you should now be able to access most Hubzilla forums with !forumname. This has been in place for several months and will be much more compatible with other federated systems.
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Maria KarlsenMaria Karlsen wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 14:08:13 -0800
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ManuelManuel wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 23:23:47 -0800
Os deseo un buen día a todos :-) :coffee Y disfrutad cada momento, porque "nada es dos veces"...
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Charles Roth MPCCharles Roth MPC wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:57:04 -0800
Not a Headline You See Every Day
"A church warden and a magician have been arrested on suspicion of murdering two teachers who lived a few doors apart in a quiet village"

-- The Times (UK)
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Rafa PoverelloRafa Poverello wrote the following post Tue, 16 Jan 2018 07:35:55 -0800
La «constitución económica» armadura jurídica de dominación
Todo ello va alejando a la ciudadanía del control de los centros reales de poder, consolidando mecanismos autoritarios y debilitando la legitimidad de las instituciones representativas.

La «constitución económica» armadura jurídica de dominación

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Marshall SutherlandMarshall Sutherland wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 04:19:54 -0800
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Maria KarlsenMaria Karlsen wrote the following post Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:56:35 -0800
Är mindre salt och bli smartare? (Åtminstone om du är en mus.)
Eat less salt and get smarter? (At least if you're a mouse.)

Salt mat kan minska blodfödet i hjärnan - Vetenskapsradion


För mycket salt i maten minskar blodflödet i hjärnan och försämrar därmed korttidsminnet. Detta enligt en ny studie på möss.

Even without nudging blood pressure up, high-salt diet hobbles the brain

A high-salt diet may spell trouble for the brain—and for mental performance—even if it doesn't push blood pressure into dangerous territory, new research has found.
Fake News "Das Grundgesetz verbietet Beamten zu streiken" im Deutschlandfunk

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