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Working as a web dev already! One is charity work that will look good on a portfolio and the other is revamping a very old site for a friend who will pay me with a raspberry pi!

Rex Mundi
For those interested the original is KD5MHM - Jamboree on the Air Support Home and you can follow the revision along at



ad5u - a redo of an old website
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
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The point of SGML/XML/HTML was to allow device independent transfer of information between people, since an author cannot rely on a reader having the same device or software, which is still true.

Presentation was and is left to the reading device, but as authors we now can give hints about how a document should be presented, but the reading device or the reader can still disregard these hints. However, what happens when no hints are given? The reading device makes a decision, and this might be horribly wrong if your design stray from common browser defaults.

We now have a split between semantics and presentation, i.e. what is a paragraph - HTML - and what is red paragraph - CSS. I will highly recommend to take control of all HTML elements in your CSS file, i.e. give all of them a default hint.

You can quickly create a default CSS file by looking at and including hints for all the elements from . You then have a template CSS file, which you can tune to each project in no time.
Rex Mundi
Oh I agree. The original page was full of style nonsense and I am in the process of cleaning it all out.

In this project I am cheating and using bootstrap for CSS.