Rex Mundi
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#storynotes The short story The Dead Zone has taken a rather unexpected turn. I got to thinking about what a nation in a perpetual state of war would be like. Not like the US today where we give lipservice to the war but like the US in WW2 where everyone was committed to the war effort. You know a nation obsessed with the war, viewing and believing the propaganda, fearing invasions any day etc etc... I imagine that after a few years of that the nation would be a little squirrely in the head, paranoid, fearful,... I wonder how jingoistic it would be after a while.

THe working theory is that the United States would slowly evolve (after the Nazi bombardment of the east coast) into the United State, a monolithic state at the mercy of the military complex...

But how do I keep the United State from being fascistic???
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Marshall Sutherland
Did the former inhabitants of the dead zone mostly survive? I'm guessing that, if it was a prolonged bombing campaign, a large number of people migrated west creating a refugee problem. So, in addition to other war-time effects, there would be refugee effects. The infrastructure in these areas might be overwhelmed as the population rapidly grows. There may be cultural issues as the city people move into the rural areas (although, the differences then probably weren't as great as today). Some people will be resentful and blame the victims. All sorts of social and economic possibilities to play with here!
Rex Mundi
Those are interesting thoughts, @Marshall Sutherland

I haven't given the Nazis an atomic bomb yet in my mental meanderings so I figure the bombardment is with conventional means. The death rates would be high in the urban areas, Miami, New York, DC, Philadelphia, etc. So we would have a major refugee issue, as in millions of internally displaced people. We would also have an issue with economic production. The Nazis would bomb factories and stuff.

The gist of the real-world propaganda was really unity. The government wanted to unify the people in fighting the war. The American propaganda had its moments of fierce anti-Axis hatred but was mostly about getting the Americans to conserve resources, write letters to soldiers overseas, you know, the trivial stuff of life.

So maybe the influx of refugees and losing roughly a third of the nation due to destruction and the economic disruption that implies leads to the government in Omaha growing a little more controlling.

No offense intended here, but easterners seem a little out of place here in the West. They are not used to the wide open spaces and the fierce individualism out here.

Huh, you may have just turned a short story into a novel... ;-)