Richard Stallman Dating Simulator

Sean Tilley
I've been interested in writing a Ren'Py game for some time, and wanted to work on something goofy that could make people laugh.

RMS Dating Simulator (Github)

This is a fun way to motivate myself to do something with the engine, and I get to write an interactive story and make the art for it, too. I honestly think this could be a really fun collaborative project - it'd be fun to brainstorm with people about ways to make the story better, or funny things that could happen here.

A visual novel involving Richard Stallman (also known as RMS) of the Free Software Foundation as well as the GNU project. This is inspired by numerous dating simulator games found in the community

Licensed under the GPLv3, with CC-BY-SA 4.0 for any content that comes from it. Currently, there are no art assets developed yet, and the interaction is little more than a few conversation loops. However, I hope to take this much farther, and seek to tell a real story of some kind with it.
Charles Roth MPC