Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
OpenWebAuth is available in red right now.

What is OpenWebAuth? Some of you might be aware of Zot 'magic-auth' which invisibly authenticates people and services across domains using a decentralised network. This is the next generation of that work and paves the way for fully self-sovereign identity. It is not restricted to or dependent on Zot and has been stripped of all the complexities of dealing with zot nomadic identities and account mirroring. It can be used by any web service which desires portable cross-domain authentication and internet scale access control. It requires a web accessible webfinger service and the signing service needs access to the private key of the signer. These do not need to reside on the same machine.

Mike Macgirvin - mike@macgirvin.com


OpenWebAuth provides a light-weight form of cross-domain authentication between websites on the open web. The principals involved in the authentication may or may not have any pre-existing relationship. OpenWebAuth utilises webfinger (RFC7033) and HTTP Signatures (draft-cavage-http-signatures-07) with a simple token generation service to provide se...
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Zot VI is alive at Parlementum - we can follow OWT. :-)
Erik Lundin
Zot VI involves a lot more. This is just a teaser - but it's a teaser that folks have been asking for since zot was first unleashed. "How can we integrate this network-scale permission system with other software?".

This is getting really interesting!
Charles Roth MPC
Mike's site opened so fast with OWA I have cyber whiplash.