Rex Mundi
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Yesterday Angel and I went to Fort Stanton, NM for the fourth or fifth time in the last ten years. This was an old frontier fort from 1855-1896 with a brief interlude during the War of Northern Aggression 1861-1865. From 1896-1966 it was a tuberculosis hospital for merchant mariners. During World War 2 it was an internment camp for some German merchant mariners who were saved by Americans when their boat sunk in 1940. Before they could be sent back to Germany World War 2 broke out. It also housed a CCC camp during the New Deal days. After the TB hospital closed in 1966 it became a couple of different things- notably a women's prison for a while and later a home for at-risk youth.

I said all of that to say that Fort Stanton's Wikipedia article is pure crap and for the first time ever I may get a Wikipedia account and rewrite that insipid article. It angers me that a place with such history has such a poor article.